Wildlife Rescue League Wish List

If you are interested in donating items to help wildlife during rehabilitation please send an email to donations@wildliferescueleague.org.

Wildlife Supplies

  • Dog and cat food- dry or canned- (opened and expired bags are acceptable)
  • Puppy, kitten and goat milk replacement formula (Esbilac, KMR, Kid Milk Replacer)
  • Food for birds and waterfowl (Exact hand feeding and Mazuri waterfowl)
  • Nuts and seeds of any kind (sunflower, wild bird seed, unsalted peanuts)
  • Nutritional supplements such as Nutrical and Benebac
  • Lactated Ringers, Needles and Syringes
  • First Aid supplies- antibiotic ointments, Betadine, Novalsan, vet wrap, etc.
  • Small mammal and pet bedding, nesting boxes, birdfeeders and birdhouses
  • Scratching posts and pet toys

Children’s Items

  • Cloth Diapers
  • Infant receiving blankets
  • Infant bottles & nipples, bottle brushes
  • Small stuffed animals
  • Pedialyte

Office Supplies

  • Envelopes, paper, mailing labels, stamps

Miscellaneous Household Items

  • Paper towels
  • Laundry detergent and bleach
  • Heating Pads
  • Bed Linens and blankets
  • Towels

Volunteer Support Items

  • Phone Cards
  • Gas Cards