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Wildlife & Other Links

Online Publications

The Wildlife Rescue League's collection of wildlife brochures and flyers is now available online - free of charge - in Adobe's portable document format. All you need to view and print the brochures is the Adobe Acrobat Reader which can be downloaded without charge from the Adobe website. Installation and use instructions are available from Adobe. Please review the use agreement in the fine print below.

WRL's educational brochures are an excellent resource for school groups, civic and homeowners associations, veterinarians, and wildlife organizations which need to distribute information about wildlife to the public.

General Information

Abducted by Aliens! (41kb)
Antifreeze Can Be Deadly (18kb)
Cats And Wildlife (1.12mb)
Critter Proofing Your Home (958kb)
Does This Animal Need Help (780kb)
Natural Pest Control (1.05mb)
Ways You and Your Family Can Help (2.09mb)
Who Is Sharing Your World: The WRL Coloringbook (416kb)

Species Information

Living With Beavers (111kb)
Foxes - Red & Gray (46kb)
Canada Geese in Your Neighborhood (30kb)
The Groundhog: Our Underground Architect (43kb)
The Eastern Gray Squirrel: Furry-tailed Daredevil... or Devil With a Furry Tail? (39kb)
The Opossum: Our Marvelous Marsupial, The Social Loner (76kb)
Raccoons: Facts & Fancies (31kb)
Gardener's Best Friend - Master of Pest Control: The Skunk! (43kb)
Bobcat - Master of the Art of Concealment (113kb)
The Coyote, the Western Wanderer (50kb)